I am a prolific media whore. Various bits of me have featured in the media, including specialist trade publications. If you Google ‘Nick Perry salami‘, I am the top hit.

Hand Job

Me and Damo immortalized on telly with food in our grubby mits. Whoddathunk?

Various parts of my anatomy have appeared, generally out of focus, and at some distance, in television programmes over the years. Sadly many are lost from the archives. From my chin in a particularly exciting edition of BBC Question Time, filmed in Fleetwood in the mid nineties, to a notable half-second shot of my hands eating a hot dog in Heston’s Mission Impossible.

Heston’s Mission Impossible Channel 4, 1 March 2011, series 1 episode 2 “Cineworld”


Salami drying in my old shed in Stoke Newington

Salami drying in my old shed in Stoke Newington

My adventures in pork are well recorded in the local neighbourhood. My home-cured ham and salami went down a storm at the inaugural Growing Communites Good Food Swap in 2006. This led to a couple of items in the press:

Time Out London 4–11 Oct 2006 p169 “Side orders: So farm, so good”, by Simone Baird; also  “Hackney salami recipe”

The Times 17 Oct 2006 “Real Food: The good food swap”, by Fay Schopen

Fungal Growth

And who can forget my world-famous mushroom ice cream recipe? A seminal moment in comedian Jon Richardson’s Sunday morning BBC Radio 6 Music show. Co-host Matt Forde described it as “wrong”. It was a recipe that marked both the start and end of a supposed weekly recipe on the programme’s website.

Jon Richardson August 2008 “Mouthwatering recipes”, BBC Radio 6 Music

Socially Awkward

The Guardian - A life online: 'I'm a nerd who likes to keep his private life private'

Something possessed me to repsond to a call on Twitter for people of various ages who had something to say about how their live plays out on the internet. Dismayed I’d be representing the oldest group, I lectured the journalist from The Guardian for an hour on the history of the internet and somehow she managed to form my words into readable copy. The pic came a few weeks later when it was cold and that’s the excuse I’m sticking to for why my man breasts are so prominent.

The Guardian 17 April 2012 “A life online: ‘I’m a nerd who likes to keep his private life private'”, by Alexandra Topping (photo Sarah Lee)

Nick in Which? magazine October 2009

Me in Which? magazine showing off my gizmo.


Famed for my gizmos, it was only natural that consumer champions Which? magazine would eventually catch up with me.

Which? October 2009 p22 “A smart move?” (photo Darren Filkins)

Substitute Ainsley Harriott

Nick assists food writer and vicar's wife, Elisa Beynon at a demonstration event. Photo David Green

When food writer and Masterchef finalist Alex Rushmer couldn’t make the inaugural Stoke Newington Literary Festival  in 2010, did the organizers panic? No they did not. They called on me (well, no they didn’t but I happened to be passing and, well, one thing let to another). I hosted a cooking demonstration at the Stoke Newington Farmers’ Market with winner of the Waitrose Food Illustrated competition to find a new voice in food writing, Elisa Beynon, author of The Vicar’s Wife Cookbook.

I’ve latterly been found at the Market calling numbers in Apple Bingo and making sausages with farmer Iain Learmonth.

In a world…

For reasons that can only be described as accidental, between 2001 and 2003 I was the voice of the Screen on Baker Street and the Screen on the Green (now Everyman) cinemas. Which practically makes me a Hollywood voice artist. Each week, people dialling the recorded information line would hear my, somewhat camp, voice announcing the latest film times and prices. Somehow it didn’t make me as famous as I’d hoped. Though a couple of people did once reckon to recognize my voice. Or at least my heavy breathing.